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Remote Start, Keyless Entry, Security and more

Whether you want to start the car from the office or the kitchen, remote starting the car in both winter and summer is a convenience we no longer want to be without. We choose to sell Autopage remote starts, alarms and keyless entry. We have been working with Autopage since they came into the business 30 years ago. We stay with them because their experience in the industry leads them to create reliable, well-thought-out products.

When you purchase a remote start installed by Sargent's Stereo we will install the correct iDatalink module for your car. This preserves the original security system that came with the vehicle. Don't take chances! It is important to have your keyless vehicle starter professionally installed.

Keyless entry: Unlock and lock doors. Replace lost remotes or remotes that lack distance. Our keyless entry systems operate at a greater distance than factory installed systems and can be operated when the car is running. Have you ever tried to lock the door with a factory remote while the car is running? Sargent's Stereo has the experience to integrate an Autopage keyless entry system in your vehicle. A keyless system from us can be expanded to include alarm and remote start.

Security Systems: Sargent's Stereo carries alarms from the simple but effective security system to two-way talk systems that tell you on your remote the status of your vehicle and notifies you when a break-in occurs.